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Spring health care

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  Stress management is more important than anything else. The source of all illnesses is stress. In medical terms, it's called an evil spirit. It means the energy that causes the disease. The kind of stress that comes from nature is  Seasonal stress in spring is a dry phenomenon caused by rising temperatures.



In spring, the temperature rises gradually and the moisture content in the air increases.That's why my skin feels dry.As the temperature slowly rises while adapting to the cold environment in winter, metabolic activity gradually decreases.Spring fatigue occurs as the rate of water evaporation in the body increases and metabolic activity decreases.When the water in the body decreases, the circulation itself is affected, but the digestive fluid secreted by the digestive system also decreases, which also causes food coma.Doctors always tell me to drink enough water.

The keyword in spring is dryness, and the reason why forest fires occur a lot is also because of the dry air in spring.You need to drink a lot of water, but I recommend boiled water rather than bottled water.No matter how much bottled water you drink, it is difficult to replenish moisture in your body and only increases inflammation in your body.




# Water is made up of HO molecules2, but it cools as it passes through cold rock layers or underground, resulting in hundreds of thousands (tens of thousands) of molecular clumps.These water lumps are difficult to pass through the cell membrane, stimulate the cell wall, and cause inflammation.It doesn't have a significant impact on human health, but you lose your physical strength as you don't get the moisture your body needs.Boiling and drinking water breaks the molecular chunks, easily absorbed by the barrier, and improves digestion.As moisture is supplied to the skin, elasticity is created and cold sweat is reduced.

I eat a lot of cold water and ice cream when it's hot.In reality, cold water is worse for your health than ice cream.Ice cream melts in the mouth and cools the mouth and cools the head.When you reach the stomach, it becomes lukewarm through the esophagus.Of course, if you eat a lot quickly, it will change.I drink cold water when it's hot, so I drink it quickly.The heat in the mouth cannot be cooled, and the temperature of the stomach is lowered by dropping it on the stomach.There are digestive enzymes in the stomach, but when the temperature goes down, the activity decreases.Also, cold water is made of a mass of molecules, but it is not absorbed by the barrier, so it cannot replenish the moisture needed in the body.Only bad things come together.

People around the world will know if Chinese people eat a lot of greasy food.However, there is not much obesity compared to eating.One is the way of cooking and the other is water.In the cooking method, greasy ingredients are cooked for a long time and cooked to the core.Naturally, it is good for digestion and absorption, so it becomes a normal metabolism and improves liver function.Another thing is water, but I always drink tea or just drink water or boil it.Cold water is called hard water, and boiled water is called soft water.Boiling and drinking water makes it easy to pass through the barrier, helps circulation in the body, and promotes digestive fluid secretion.I can't gain weight because my metabolism is good.On the other hand, cold water is cold when it falls from the sky, but hardens when it passes through cold underground or rock formation.Hundreds of thousands of molecules clump together to form a lump, which does not easily pass through the gastrointestinal wall and stimulates cells, and drinking a lot of cold water increases inflammation in the body.You can filter out molecular mass with a water purifier, but it also filters minerals out of water.Drinking some water from the water purifier can make the water feel very soft.

If you digest well, your metabolism will improve and your immunity will increase.Oriental medicine refers to innate and acquired energy, and only when innate energy is strong, it supplies enough energy to the organs to become healthy, and acquired energy is done in the gastrointestinal tract, which eats well and digests well.Gastrointestinal care and renal management at the same time become improved management for health care.New management refers to energy savings and is a good rest and sleep.Modern people sleep better if they stay away from work and cell phones for a while.


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